Proper planning and development of the most appropriate routes and delivery methods


Full control and safety of cargoes at all stages of transportation

FULLFILMENT OF All obligations

Focus on the good end result and strict adherence to all agreement`s items

Competency in high levels

Enormous time table of specialists, broad work experience and successful realization of orders in any diffucilty


Maximum loyal individual approach to each client and partner

Freight forwarding services

The key point in the transportation of goods is of the whole package of permits and other documents. In such matters professionalism and efficiency of solving “paper” issues are important.     ENICA EXPRESS offers:   Ful legal support or advice on specific issues; Professional service in customs cargo clearance for import and export; Representation of client's interests in customer’s organization. The ability to act as an official mediator and perform necessary operations of the custom clearance on behalf of a customer; Registration customer’s of requared  required accompanying permits and certificates for goods (certification and registration); Calculation of mandatory customs duties, declaration of goods and vehicles and the implementation of other operations that guarantee successful passage of the cargo; Customs clearance for international transportation, definition of customs HS codes; The presentation of the declared consignment’s to veterinary phitosanitary and other government authorities; Registration of temporary import of the goods; Temporary storage of the goods on customs-license stores at customs warehouses.  

Cargo insurance is a reliable mechanism to ensure the safety of investment’s while cargo transportation moving cargo from one point to another.   Advantages of cargo insurance by ENICA EXPRESS:   Selection of trusted insurer with a good reputation (optimal price and guaranteed payments). Negotiation with the insurer, optimal insurance conditions for particular types of transportation; Preparation and registration of documents, conclusion of the insurance contract; Payment by letter of trust of insurance Tess; Legal support of negotiations and payments upon occurrence of an insured event, preparation of documents for insurance premiums; Monitoring compliance with all terms of the contract by the insurer payment is guaranteed upon the occurrence of the insured event.  

Transportation consolidates is a convenient and cost-effective method of transportation of small cargoes from different customers in one direction by one vehicle. Consolidation warehouse is the starting point for regular transportation of consolidated cargoes on a given route.   ENICA EXPRESS offers:   Shipment of consolidated cargoes by truck, railway, sea, air; Weekly international consolidated cargoes from consolidation warehouses to CIS countries; Checked routes for transportation of consolidated cargoes on the most popular and relevant directions areas of import/export to Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia; Consolidation and collection of small batches from several senders at the partner’s warehouses in the Czech Republic and the Baltic States; Handling of cargo at the consolidation warehouse (additional packaging, application packaging, etc.); Customs clearance in the country of departure and country of destination, preparation of other documents required; Insurance of cargo and preparation of all supporting documentation; Delivery of  goods based on "door to door" principle.  

Project cargos are cargoes with a very large weight and huge overload on the roads. Such cargoes are prohibited on public roads, thus it is a very demanding type of transportation that includes many important conditions.   ENICA EXPRESS offers:   Development of route options and route plan from  sender to consignee; Development and approval of schemes of loading and fastening of cargo; Obtaining necessary shipping documents, permits and passes for transportation; Preparation and supply of specialized rolling stock (transport) Organization of loading and fastening of cargoes; Security measures of transportation and escorting (convoy and militarised security); Insurance of cargo and vehicles.

Multimodal transportations take the least time, lining up on the principle of continuous transportation from terminal to terminal, and are used in cases where there is no direct route by single mode of transportation between sender and consignee.   ENICA EXPRESS offers:    Multimodal container delivery of cargoes from China, Korea, Japan and other Asia-Pacific countries to Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) and Russia via the TRANS-China, TRANS-Russia and TRANS-Iranian routes. Multi-modal international transportation from European countries, USA and Canada to the countries of the EAEU and Central Asia. Execution of loading operations, temporary storage and warehousing of goods in ports and terminals of Europe and Asia if changing mode of transport; Possibility of organizing the delivery by transit via Iran (Bandar Abbas) and from Iran through the border crossings Sarahs, Astara, as well as via the ports of Bandar Anzali and Bandar Amirabad to the ports of Aktau, Astrakhan, Makhachkala, and in reverse direction; Comprehensive route planning and schedule with a constant tracing of cargo movement at all stages of transportation; Combined transportation by different modes of transport: rail, road, water, air. 

Railway transportation is one of the most convenient and efficient way of delivery.   ENICA EXPRESS offers:   Shipping all types of cargo by railway transportation from CIS countries, China, South Korea, Japan and other Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the European Union; Strong business relationships with train operators of all the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and China, as well as an extensive network of agents in CIS countries; are in place; Direct contracts with Head offices and specialized agencies of the Railways of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Iran. The use of railway rolling stock of CIS and Baltic States in any quantities from direct owners; Extensive work experience in the shipment of goods by railways, qualified personal and routine transportation routes; Execution and monitoring of loading and unloading processes; Constant monitoring of cargos movement; Forwarding of non-standard, oversized and heavy cargos by railways obtaining all necessary permits and approvals; Insurance of cargoes during under railway transportation.

  ENICA EXPRESS offers local services in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia and Iran:   Shipment inspection of goods during loading and unloading; Consulting and organization of customs clearance of cargoes and containers; Clearance of loaded containers at the destination station; The provision of services (loading and unloading); Unloading rigging, container unloading to truck and delivery of loaded/empty container to the door of consignee; Complete organization of export shipment (cargo loading, paperwork handling at terminal stations); The use of company’s owned vehicles for internal transportation in Moscow and the Moscow region; Involvement of specialized vehicles for internal transportations in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia;

Shipments by trucking service is the speed and the broadest geography of delivery.   ENICA EXPRESS offers: ·         International and local trucking delivery all types of cargo, including hazardous or requiring special temperature conditions; ·         Great possibilities of providing different types of motor vehicles throughout the CIS and Baltic countries, Europe, China, Iran and Turkey (gift truck, isotherm truck from 5 to 22 tons, refrigerate truck, low loaders trawls, sectional trucks); ·         Own transport for local delivery (5-ton trucks for internal transportation within Moscow and MO). ·         Weekly shipments of full and consolidated shipment trucks from Europe to CIS countries; ·         Direct contracts and established partnerships with large trucks carriers of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Iran and Uzbekistan; ·         Customs carrier, forwarding and protection of cargo; ·         Certificate Insurance of Carrier and Forwarder and insurance of valuable cargo provides damage refunds  for all claims;

Air shipment is fast, convenient and often the only method of delivery.   ENICA EXPRESS offers:   ·         International air shipment worldwide at favorable rates; ·         Aircraft rental of all types for Charter cargo flights; ·         The main routes of air shipment of goods: Europe, China, Southeast Asia, the middle East, the Baltic States with the appointment to airports of Moscow, Almaty, Astana, Tashkent, Bishkek, Dushanbe; ·         Shipments via regular passenger flights; ·         Transfer of cargo from the shipper to the airport and from the airport to the consignee; ·         Terminal handling at airports; ·         Consulting and assistance with customs clearance; ·         Preparation of shipping documentation; ·         Insurance of cargoes; ·         Cargo delivery from "door to door"; ·         Constant monitoring of cargo movement; -         Cargo transportation by regular and Charter flights on the basis of partnership arrangements with international airlines, including Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air Astana, China Southern, Fly Emirates, Airways;  

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ENICA EXPRESS - a group of companies who provides international freight forwarding and logistics services.

There are own offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea and a wide network of trusted partners worldwide. We have over six years of continual successful experience in the delivery of all kinds of cargoes to the CIS countries, the European Union, the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia.

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"ENICA EXPRESS" is pleased to announce about routes coverage expansion and opening of a new representative office. The office is opened in a form of the official representative office of ENICA EXPRESS KZ LLC in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on December 1st, 2016 and is located at Jabor Rasulov St. 6/1. The opening of this representative office is a next step of the company’s strategy targeting to expand the routes coverage and provide its customers in the region with accessible and continuous professional support and consulting.


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At the beginning of November a test container train from China will arrive to Riga, - reported IA RZD-Partner representatives of Latvian railway operator Latvijas Dzelzcels.  Container train will deliver to the port of Riga various appliances and other goods which then will be sent to Hamburg, Düsseldorf and other cities inNorthern Europe.

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In the near future in Russia the payment for crossing of border by cars and freight trains can be implemented.


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