"Platon" on the border: the border crossings can become payable paid in Russia.

In the near future in Russia the payment for crossing of border by cars and freight trains can be implemented.


According to "Kommersant", the Ministry of transport proposes to introduce a charge, by analogy with the "Platon" and using its elements. The money is needed for construction of border checkpoints, these costs are estimated in 250 billion roubles. Carriers say the new fee will raise the price of their services and can lead to higher prices of imported goods, but are willing to bear a "reasonable burden", if this will reduce the time of the border crossing.


At the first stage of it is proposed to make the toll roads and toll rail border crossing points. Transport Ministry proposes to based change fess on trucks on its category (light or freight) and trains — per ton of cargo.


A period of implementation and the size of feel the Ministry of transport submitted no proposals, “Kommersant” the source said. According to it the Ministry proposes to create a single operator of charging by analogy with "Plato", taking its elements as the basis for the introduction of a new toll collection. "In the second half of October, the Ministry of transport plans to hold an expanded meeting on this issue",  said the source "Kommersant".

Source: https://cargolink.ru/ls/blog/4185.html