Brokerage services

The key point in the transportation of goods is of the whole package of permits and other documents. In such matters professionalism and efficiency of solving “paper” issues are important.





  • Ful legal support or advice on specific issues;
  • Professional service in customs cargo clearance for import and export;
  • Representation of client's interests in customer’s organization.
  • The ability to act as an official mediator and perform necessary operations of the custom clearance on behalf of a customer;
  • Registration customer’s of requared  required accompanying permits and certificates for goods (certification and registration);
  • Calculation of mandatory customs duties, declaration of goods and vehicles and the implementation of other operations that guarantee successful passage of the cargo;
  • Customs clearance for international transportation, definition of customs HS codes;
  • The presentation of the declared consignment’s to veterinary phitosanitary and other government authorities;
  • Registration of temporary import of the goods;
  • Temporary storage of the goods on customs-license stores at customs warehouses.