Transportation of consolidated cargoes

Transportation consolidates is a convenient and cost-effective method of transportation of small cargoes from different customers in one direction by one vehicle. Consolidation warehouse is the starting point for regular transportation of consolidated cargoes on a given route.




  • Shipment of consolidated cargoes by truck, railway, sea, air;
  • Weekly international consolidated cargoes from consolidation warehouses to CIS countries;
  • Checked routes for transportation of consolidated cargoes on the most popular and relevant directions areas of import/export to Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
  • Consolidation and collection of small batches from several senders at the partner’s warehouses in the Czech Republic and the Baltic States;
  • Handling of cargo at the consolidation warehouse (additional packaging, application packaging, etc.);
  • Customs clearance in the country of departure and country of destination, preparation of other documents required;
  • Insurance of cargo and preparation of all supporting documentation;
  • Delivery of  goods based on "door to door" principle.