Trucking service

Shipments by trucking service is the speed and the broadest geography of delivery.



·         International and local trucking delivery all types of cargo, including hazardous or requiring special temperature conditions;

·         Great possibilities of providing different types of motor vehicles throughout the CIS and Baltic countries, Europe, China, Iran and Turkey (gift truck, isotherm truck from 5 to 22 tons, refrigerate truck, low loaders trawls, sectional trucks);

·         Own transport for local delivery (5-ton trucks for internal transportation within Moscow and MO).

·         Weekly shipments of full and consolidated shipment trucks from Europe to CIS countries;

·         Direct contracts and established partnerships with large trucks carriers of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Iran and Uzbekistan;

·         Customs carrier, forwarding and protection of cargo;

·         Certificate Insurance of Carrier and Forwarder and insurance of valuable cargo provides damage refunds  for all claims;